Community Leadership Program

CDCD is working on an innovative way to support emerging leaders and local non-profits.

A Community Leadership Program is a fantastic way to bring together emerging and aspiring leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors of the community. These programs provide an opportunity for participants to explore and strengthen their leadership skills, develop a new-found network of meaningful contacts, and learn more about the outstanding characteristics and challenges of our community.

Each year, non-profit/charitable agencies have the opportunity to submit proposals for projects that they may not have the capacity to achieve otherwise. These projects may include: feasibility studies, strategic plans, policy and procedure development, fundraising, etc. Successful proposals are completed by the leadership program participants, supporting our local non-profit sector and building connections across sectors.

Who is involved?

In December 2014, the Ontario Trillium Foundation funded a 1-year pilot project for the creation of a Durham Leadership Program. It is expected to begin implementation in 2016. The project is a collaborative effort between:

  •  Community Development Council Durham
  • University of Ontario, Institute of Technology
  •  Durham College
  •  Town of Ajax
  •  City of Oshawa
  •  Town of Whitby
  •  United Way of Durham Region
  •  Durham Community Foundation
  •  Business Advisory Centre of Durham
  •  Durham Region Employment Network
  •  Literacy Network of Durham Region
  •  Durham Workforce Authority

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