Current          Projects

The Community Development department’s projects endeavor to focus on the “social impact on individuals, families and communities of larger social, economic, political, and cultural forces in society.”  Our current projects reflect this focus across a broad spectrum in the Region of Durham

Living Wage: Durham Region has it’s first certified Living Wage Employer 

Learn more about LIVING WAGE

CDCD’s Durham COVID-19 Non-Profit Response Report Connected Through Uncertainty is here.



Chalmers Durham

Chalmers is an artificial intelligence-powered friendly chatbot that makes it easier to find social services like free meals, shelter, clothing banks and more in real-time on desktop and mobile.

Durham Living Wage

CDCD is embarking on a living wage calculation, to see what Durham families need to meet their basic needs. We will be visiting communities around the region talking to families and experts about how to raise wages for working people in all sectors.


HIFIS Coordination

CDCD is working with housing and homelessness organizations to build capacity and support program delivery for the homeless population.


Durham COVID-19 Non-Profit Response 

 A project intended to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Durham Region’s Non-Profit sector, and how we can collectively plan for the future.

Everybody Counts: Durham Region’s 2018 Point-in-Time (PiT) Count & Registry Week

 A PiT Count provides an estimated snapshot of the extent and nature of homelessness in Durham Region.

Community Lens 

Community Lens is a series of community-based research reports intended to disseminate and interpret important Durham Region specific data as it becomes available.

                 Social Planning in Durham

CDCD is Durham Region’s official Social Planning Council.  As such, we endeavor to improve the well-being of residents through social research, engagement, and indentifying what matters to our community


  Community Leadership Program

A Community Leadership Program is an innovative way to bring together emerging and aspiring leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors of the community.


For more information, contact:

Nathan Gardner

(905) 686-2661 x119