Community Development Council Durham’s core Community Development function adheres to the Social Planning Network of Ontario’s operating principles:

Community Accountability: Social planning organizations are membership-based and are governed by boards which are elected annually by their community members.

Inclusiveness: In promoting citizen participation, social planning organizations actively seek to include all community members with an interest in the issue at hand regardless of gender, racial and/or cultural origin, religion, age or other self-defining forms of identification.

Knowledge-based Action: Social planning organizations link independent research and community experience to the development of action proposals and solutions to identified problems.

Empowerment: In promoting inclusive citizen participation, social planning organizations strive to build the capacity of community leadership to participate more effectively in democratic processes and to take greater control over decision-making which affect the quality of community life.

Citizen Participation: Social planning organizations promote the active participation of community members in planning and decision-making processes.

Integrated, Holistic Perspective: Given the interdependence of the social, economic, political, cultural, and technological dynamics of modern life, social planning organizations recognize the need for comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches to planning, policy analysis and problem-solving in our society.

CDCD’s Social Planning Principles

Statement on community based social planning