Housing Stability Program

The Housing Stability Program helps qualified Durham singles, couples and families keep their rental housing and not become homeless by offering financial assistance for rental arrears to low income tenants.

The Housing Stability Program is intended to offer financial assistance to qualified low-income Durham singles, couples and families with:

· Rental arrears. Tenants must be in a unit that is typically affordable for their income.

· Applicants can also access financial assistance for last month’s rent deposit to secure new accommodations.

· Energy-related emergencies. The program helps residents who are usually able to afford their energy costs but due to an unexpected financial burden or unanticipated increase in cost are unable to pay their heat and or hydro bills for a short period of time and are in arrears of their gas or hydro.

· Applicants can access up to two months’ worth of gas or hydro costs.

The Housing Stability Program is not intended to help tenants afford their rent but rather to keep them housed during a difficult financial period.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you are asking for last month’s rent assistance but have secured the unit on your own without paying last month’s rent, you WILL NOT be eligible for assistance. HSP also DOES NOT reimburse those who have paid the landlord first and last month’s rent.

The housing stability program is subject to available funding.

For qualified low-income households, benefits could include:

· Rent, heat or utility arrears to a maximum of two months. Benefits can also include connection fees and security deposits.

· Last month’s rent deposit. Applicants must obtain decision by HSP staff before moving into rental unit.

· Rental unit must be eligible under the Residential Tenancy Act.

· Moving costs to a maximum of $200.

· If you are eligible for Assistance, the amount will be paid as a one-time payment to cover up up to a maximum of two months of arrears owing.

· Applicants will be eligible to re-apply for assistance once in a 3-year period (36-month) period.

HSP assistance is issued as a one-time payment.

Any arrears agreements must be signed by the tenant and landlord, acknowledging and agreeing that the qualification and receipt of HSP assistance has no bearing on any or other present or future matters between the landlord and tenant.


– CDCD is not a guarantor on behalf of the tenant;

– Any lease or rental agreement is between the landlord and tenant/participant only, and CDCD will not have any obligation to fulfill the duties outlined in the lease (including rent, payment for damaged property, etc.); and

– CDCD does not make any representations on warranties on behalf of the tenant/participant.

More information can be obtained by calling Housing Help Durham at: 905-686-2661 or email housinghelp@cdcd.org

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