Newcomer Settlement Program

The Newcomer Settlement Program supports in the successful settlement and integration of newcomers to Ontario.

The Newcomer Settlement Program assists newcomers who are settling, adjusting and contributing to life in Canada and Durham Region. This program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCS).

MCCS funds the Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) which supports the early and effective settlement of newcomers to Ontario. The goal of the NSP is to help newcomers fully engage in all aspects of Canadian life, social, economic, political and cultural, and to maximize the benefits of their participation and contribution to the Canadian society.

We can arrange for interpreters for other languages if needed.


If you are a refugee Claimant, a landed immigrant, a visitor, a Work Permit Holder, a Student Visa Holder, a Minister’s Permit Holder or a Canadian Citizen, then you are eligible to receive the NSP services.

The Newcomer Settlement Program Counselor can…

Provide you with information, referral and advice about the following issues:

  • Housing (finding affordable housing, subsidized housing; landlord-tenant issues, etc)
  • Legal Issues (Referrals to Durham Legal Clinic, Legal Aid Certificate etc.)
  • Provide information and referral on Citizenship and Immigration Issues, changes in regulations; updates of refugee law; etc.
  • Fill and review application forms for Government Programs and Services that directly support clients’ integration into Canadian society.
  • Assist with completing Invitation Letters, etc.
  • Financial Issues (dealing with financial issues such as income taxes, assessing your eligibility for income support or other social services, Debt problems, etc.)
  • Education (finding and enrolling in schools and other training programs, Credential Assessment)
  • Language classes (LINC and ESL, etc.)
  • Life Skills (adjusting to being a new immigrant through short term adjustment counseling, childcare, or  finding a family doctor, coping with anxiety, stress, depression, etc.)
  • Employment (searching for a job through employment counseling and learning job search skills and referrals to different employment agencies)
  • Transportation
  • Community Access (becoming oriented to Durham Region and its local resources and facilities)
  • Advocacy (understanding your rights, entitlements, and responsibilities, as well as complaint procedures)
  • Health Issues
  • Applying for many types of identification cards (PR card, OHIP, Driving License) and documents, referrals to and setting appointments with other community and social services, professional appointments (i.e. to the doctors, court, lawyers, and Government agencies)
  • Assist you with document and referral translation services.

How Can You Use Our Services?

You can make an appointment to meet with the NSP counselor by calling Toll Free 1-877-761-1155


There is no fee to participate or use our services.