Programs & Services

Housing Stability Program (HSP)

The Housing Stability Program (HSP) helps qualified low-income households in Durham Region to obtain housing by providing financial assistance with last month’s rent deposit and moving costs.  HSP also assists with sustaining housing by providing financial assistance with rental and utility arrears.

The Housing Stability Program is intended to offer financial assistance to qualified low-income households in Durham Region. To qualify for the program, all applications MUST meet the following criteria:

Housing Stability Program (HSP) Eligibility

  • HSP is intended to assist households who can generally pay their expenses, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they cannot meet their costs for a short period or must move to secure more affordable accommodations.
  • You may only access HSP assistance once in a 3-year period (36 months) for the application you have been approved for. This means, if you have been approved for Last Month’s Rent, you are still eligible to receive Rental Arrears, Moving Cost, and Utility Arrears
  • You must provide proof that all family members are legal Canadian residents and that you have lived in Durham Region for at least 3 months.
  • Your housing must be affordable (spending less than 80% of your gross household income towards accommodation costs). Please include all income sources (Child Tax Benefits, Child Support, Trillium, Etc).
  • Your gross household income is under the program income limits:
    • $47,000 for a one-bedroom or bachelor unit
    • $50,000 for a two-bedroom unit
    • $56,000 for a three-bedroom unit
    • $65,500 for a four or five-bedroom unit
  • Your household assets must be under the asset limit:
    • Single person – $50,000
    • All other households – $75,000

The Housing Stability Program provides assistance with

Last Month’s Rent and Moving Cost

  • Intent to Rent form must be completed by the landlord (form available from CDCD), or a copy of the Ontario Standard Lease
  • The landlord must be the owner of the unit (Sublets will not be approved)
  • Moving costs to a maximum of $200

Any lease or rental agreement is between the landlord and tenant/participant only. CDCD will not have any obligation to fulfill the duties outlined in the lease (including rent, payment for damaged property, etc.).

Please note that your application for last month’s rent will not be approved if: –

  • You paid last month’s rent at your current address
  • You have already paid the last month’s rent deposit or moved in or obtained the keys to the new unit (Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and assessed)

Rental Arrears

  • Proof of current rental arrears in the form of an N4, C4 or L1 from the landlord or property management company, and/or any Landlord and Tenant Board documents received to date, including any orders
  • Any arrears agreements must be signed by the tenant and landlord, acknowledging and agreeing that the qualification and receipt of HSP assistance have no bearing on any or other present or future matters between the landlord and tenant.
  • If you are eligible for assistance, the amount will be paid as a one-time payment to cover up to a maximum of two months of arrears owing.
    Please note, you may be asked to work with an Outreach Worker for Budgeting and/ Repayment Plan Assistance

Utility Arrears

  • Proof that rent or mortgage is in good standing and is paid up-to-date (if you are also applying for rent arrears, this portion does not apply to you)
  • If you are a homeowner, please provide proof of the mortgage outstanding on the property. You will need to provide a Municipal Property Taxes Assessment (MPAC) for our office to determine assets for the household. This can be obtained by calling MPAC at 1-866-296-6722
  • Copy of the utility/energy bill showing arrears and, if applicable, any disconnection notices
  • If you are eligible for assistance, the amount will be paid as a one-time payment to cover up to a maximum of two months of arrears owing.


Housing Stability Program assistance is issued as a one-time payment 

  • CDCD is not a guarantor on behalf of the tenant 
  • CDCD does not make any representations on warranties on behalf of the tenant/participant.

More information can be obtained by calling Housing Help Durham at 905-686-2661 or email  


Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) is designed for low-income families and individuals who have difficulty paying their hydro bills. Families and individuals may qualify for a one-time grant through an application process.

Applicants must contact the Housing Help Durham office to be pre-screened at (905) 686-2661

For assistance with gas bills, please read more about the Enbridge website

Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) 

  • A program designed to help reduce electricity bills for low-income households. 
  • The program provides a monthly on-bill credit for eligible households. 
  • For more information about OESP, visit
  • For more information on how CDCD Outreach Workers can help you with processing OESP application, please contact (905) 686-2661 ext 147


The Housing Outreach Program works with households in Ajax and Pickering area who are homeless, under-housed and/or at-risk of losing their housing.

Outreach Workers work with clients to find or maintain their housing. 

This is accomplished by:

  • Meeting clients within their community
  • Advocacy and Mediation services on behalf of clients with landlords or the Landlord Tenant Board (LTDB)
  • Informal counselling for clients in financial or housing crisis
  • Providing support and referrals for clients to access community resources and income supports
  • Education about the Residential Tenancies Act and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
  • Providing basic budgeting support and workshops
  • Assisting clients with the application process for the Housing Stability Program
  • Helping clients to obtain an ID
  • Providing follow up support as needed
  • Processing applications for Ontario Electricity Support Program
  • Outreach to landlords, support workers and other community agencies

For more information about the Housing Outreach Program, please contact (905) 686-2661 ext 147

For Housing Outreach support outside Pickering or Ajax, please contact:

Rest of Southern Durham

Northern Durham

Landlord Engagement & Support

CDCD offers support to Landlords in Southern Durham. If you are a landlord in Northern Durham, contact North House

Landlord Support is provided to:

  • Strengthen the cooperation and communication between Landlords and Housing Outreach Workers in Durham Region South
  • Enhance the relationship between landlords and existing housing programs to support housing retention
  • Assist in creating more housing opportunities within the private rental market
  • Educate landlords on Rights and Responsibilities
  • Mediate rental concerns and support landlords to maintain client tenancy
  • Onboard landlords on a Landlord Engagement database to advertise their available rental units.

Housing Outreach Workers and clients will search for vacant rental units.