Newcomer Women’s
Entrepreneurship Program

 Start your own business!

Are you new to Canada and want to start your own business? We are offering an Entrepreneurship Program for all newcomer women in the Durham Region.

The Community Development Council Durham (CDCD) and the Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) are offering a new program to help women who are new to Canada and interested in starting a business.

Program Overview

  • 1 full month of commitment and dedication
  • 6 interactive training workshops
    • Workshops are twice a week – Tuesdays & Thursdays
    • All workshops are Online EXCEPT for the last workshop
    • The last workshop is In-person to network & to receive your Entrepreneur Certificate of completion
  • Unlimited individual business consultations with coach – Online
  • Assistance with completing your Business Plan
  • Access to the business community and professionals
  • Increased knowledge of Canadian business culture
  • Participate in the Women in Business Event with your own business table as a Vendor!
  • We help you create logo, business cards, and flyers for the event

**Note: We offer child-care services upon eligibility & availability if needed.

What do I need to enter the Program?

  • Have an existing Business or Business Idea
  • Live in Durham Region
  • Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live-in Caregiver, Ukrainian & Afghans with the right to work in Canada
  • English Language CLB 4+
  • Ages 18+
  • Be fully committed to participate

What will you learn?

Workshops Modules:

  1. You Can Do It – Becoming an Entrepreneur 101
  2. What’s The Plan? Business Roadmap
  3. Turning Your Business into a Brand
  4. Social Media For Small Businesses
  5. Basics of Managing Business Finances
  6. Learn to Network & Practice your Sales Pitch


Month of September 2023:

  • September 5th – September 21st
  • 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Twice a week: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Online – Zoom

Month of October 2023:

  • October 3rd to October 19th
  • 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Twice a week: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Online – Zoom

If you would like to book a free individual business consultation, please register here and follow the steps:

For more information about the Newcomer Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, please contact us by phone: 1-877-761-1155 or email:

On March 25th The Newcomer Women’s Entrepreneur program hosted its second Women in Business event which has proven to be a massive success, providing a wealth of opportunities to women starting their own businesses in Canada.

Since the launch of the program, many new female-led businesses have started, and existing businesses have grown and thrived. The initiative has provided women entrepreneurs with access to training, guidance, and networking opportunities, enabling them to overcome barriers that may have previously hindered their success.

We would like to thank Ajax Advantage for being our first sponsor and for believing in this project. This will bring growth opportunities to better assist our community. We would also like to thank the Newcomer Community Services Department for being a great support to this event.

Client testimonial:

“My experience with NWP was great. I came to Canada almost 3 years ago with a lot of ideas but without any knowledge about how to start my own business. The program helped me to gain that knowledge. I finally have something to work on, which is my own creation and I feel very motivated to make it successful. The program helped me and other newcomer women to realize that we can create wonderful things with our talent. I cannot express how grateful I am.”

Meet some of the successful entrepreneur women that have joined our program:

Agerta Gjoka – Gjoka Gifts
Agerta came to the program knowing that she wanted to be independent. She started by making gift baskets for family and friends and decided to turn that talent into her own business. Gjoka Gifts delivers custom gift baskets to the Durham Region and GTA.

Visit her business page here:

Gjoka Gifts – Gift Basket

Aisha Yaqoobi – Turkishlamps Boutique

When Aisha’s family first moved to Istanbul, they fell in love with the artisanal work found in the outdoor markets. They wanted to share these exquisite treasures with everyone else and that is how our business was born and now she’s bringing the business to Canada. Each item is handcrafted by her family with precision and care, our products are hand selected by them and they only choose the most special items from online store and craft shows.

Visit her business page here:

Asmaa Hassan – Asmaa Hassan Art
Asmaa is a teacher and an artist. She joined NWEP knowing that she wanted to transform her painting hobby into a business. Throughout the program, Asmaa had the opportunity to facilitate two art workshops for CDCD attendees.

Visit her business page here:

Li Li – U Support Station
Li Li is certified PSW who loves to help people. U Support Station is a health care business focused on providing wellness and care services. The Wellness Cafés covers a lot of topics related to mental health Come join us and treat yourself. Whatever your needs may be, you’re not alone, our PSWs will support you.

Visit her business page here:

Mamoona Fatima – Moona Gifts
Mamoona has a passion for luxury perfumes and beauty, so why not sell luxury gift baskets for those who want to give a special last minute gift? Moona Gifts offers personalized luxurious gift baskets for individuals and families, and in the future, she is looking to work with B2B in Durham Region.

Visit her business page here:

Marcia Schobourgh – Klassy Kreations
With years of experience baking incredible cakes, making gift baskets, and decorations for events, Marcia came to the program knowing that she wanted to turn her hobby into a profitable business. Klassy Kreations was created to bring a smile to your loved ones by making an event or a gift a delightful and everlasting memory.

Visit her business page here:

Musarrat Khan – EK Arts & Crafts
Musarrat joined the program with just a business idea. Throughout the workshops we were able to help her develop that idea and make it a reality. Today she works with what she loves, making handmade home décor and accessories for the Durham Region and GTA.

Visit her business page here:

Musarrat Khan – EK CRAFTS

Musarrat Khan – EK Catering
Musarrat also offers one of the best homemade Pakistani Food in Ajax from family events and small to medium business events.

Visit her business page here:

Padma Panchapakesan – Invenk Solutions

She has a PhD in Marketing and has 10+ years of research, analytics, and consulting experience in corporate and academics across the globe. At Invenk Solutions, she offers patent intelligence based market research & competition analysis related to specific technology domain, product development strategies for expansion into new geographies and/or product segment, technology validation & viability study for investors Identifying collaborators & potential partners with complementary capabilities for product companies for small to large businesses.

Visit her business page here:

Rosemeire Tommazzi – Tommazzi Studio
Rosemeire is a photographer and videographer with years of experience. She joined the program to enhance her business knowledge. She offers many different styles of photo shoots and wedding videos in Durham Region and GTA.

Visit her business page here:

Tommazzi Studio – Wedding Video

Sarija Krisnaprasad – Adah Glims
Sarija loves natural and organic products, so she decided to build her own business on that. Adah Glims is launching their first soy candle collection soon in many different shapes and aromas. Stay tuned!

Titilola Adesanya – Taiaiskitchen
Titilola is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the food industry. She came to Canada with the goal to continue doing what she loves. She delivers delicious Nigerian cuisine throughout the Durham Region.

Visit her business page here:

Uka Marchena – Cross-Media Consultant & Content Production

A graduate BA & MA of the University of Alabama in Broadcast & Film and Telecommunication Management, Mirurgia Marchena has a combined 30 years of experience. She was always way ahead of her time, in many aspects of her career. She works as a management consultant, multimedia content producer, sales and marketing, research; digital marketing & social media for multiple industries in the Dutch Caribbean and in Canada with small and large businesses.

Visit her business page here:

Xuefen Wang – Tirr Cake
Xuefen makes the most beautiful tier cakes and cupcakes in Durham Region. She joined the program with the intention to enhance her Canadian business knowledge. Her cakes are low-sugar, low-fat and gluten-free with no additives. She even makes vegan cakes.

Visit her business page here:

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