Newcomer Women’s
Entrepreneurship Program

 Start your own business!

Are you new to Canada and want to start your own business? We are offering an Entrepreneurship Program for all newcomer women in the Durham Region.

The Community Development Council Durham (CDCD) and the Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) are offering a new program to help women who are new to Canada and interested in starting a business.

Program Overview

  • 1 full month of entrepreneurial training
  • 6 interactive live workshops
  • Unlimited individual business consultations with advisor
  • Assistance with completing your Business Plan
  • Access to the business community and professionals
  • Learning of Canadian business culture
  • Receive your Entrepreneur Certificate upon completion of training
  • Participate in the Women in Business Marketplace with your own business table as a Vendor!

What do I need to enter the Program?

  • Have an existing Business or Business Idea
  • Live in Durham Region
  • Permanent Resident, Convention Refugee, Live-in Caregiver, Ukrainian & Afghans with the right to work in Canada
  • English Language CLB 4+
  • Ages 18+
  • Be fully committed to participate

Client testimonial:

“My experience with NWP was great. I came to Canada almost 3 years ago with a lot of ideas but without any knowledge about how to start my own business. The program helped me to gain that knowledge. I finally have something to work on, which is my own creation and I feel very motivated to make it successful. The program helped me and other newcomer women to realize that we can create wonderful things with our talent. I cannot express how grateful I am.”

Meet some of the successful entrepreneur women that have joined our program:

Tvara Naturals – Vasha Vora

Dedicated to harmonizing the purity of nature with the essence of self-care. Our mission is to offer hand-crafted, luxurious soaps and lipsticks that are not only kind to your skin but also gentle on our planet. Through our eco-friendly packaging and responsible practices, we aim to pave the way for a greener, more conscious future.


Famix Art – Shohreh Kehtari

I have been passionate about gift wrapping for a long time. Now, I am launching my own business that offers “GIFT WRAPPING” in a unique and artistic way, making each present personalized and special for my clients. I am also planning to incorporate handcrafted art alongside my gift wrapping services, which I will create from my heart and soul. Additionally, I am considering mobilizing my services to save my clients time in the near future.”


Lobongo Kitchen – Anjumara Begum

Introducing the culinary maestro behind “A Culinary Symphony,” a virtuoso of flavorful delights! Crafting delectable creations from a harmonious blend of chickpeas, each dish is a symphony of taste. Experience a culinary journey orchestrated with expertise and passion.


Artiste by Yums – Yumna Ishaq

Immersed in a profound passion for art, Yumna transforms creativity into captivating masterpieces. Specializing in a diverse array of paintings and bespoke artworks on canvases and wood, her creations serve as both exquisite decorations and thoughtful gifts. Each piece is a testament to Yumna’s artistic flair and dedication, ensuring that every stroke and detail tells a unique story. Elevate your surroundings and gift-giving experiences with the timeless beauty and personalized touch of Yumna’s artistry.


Yalda Qudosy

Step into the enchanting world of Yalda, a skilled artisan weaving dreams into reality. From intricately crafted handmade dream catchers that capture the essence of whimsical tales to exquisite handmade jewelry pieces and clothing, Yalda’s creations are a testament to her prowess in the world of arts and crafts. As a professional sewer, her dedication and passion shine through each meticulously crafted piece. Embrace the beauty of bespoke creations that blend artistry and craftsmanship, adding a touch of magic to your life with Yalda’s handmade treasures.


Mushtary – Lalah Mushtary

Explore the allure of Afghan culture with our boutique offering Traditional & Modern Afghan Fashion paired with a curated selection of Vintage Jewelry. Our collection seamlessly blends heritage and contemporary styles. Each piece is a unique expression of Afghan artistry, while our Vintage Jewelry adds timeless charm to your ensemble. Discover the beauty of Afghan fashion in every detail.


ON Décor – Olena Nastenko

With a background in interior design, we infuse our love for creating unique decorative pieces. From transforming spaces to crafting bespoke items, our collection reflects a perfect fusion of professional skill and personal flair. Elevate your surroundings with our curated pieces that add a touch of creativity and distinctive style to any home or workspace.


Chocolia Candy – Olha Bondarenko

Experience joy with our handmade chocolates. Crafted with passion, our artisanal chocolate business offers delightful homemade treats. Each piece is a blend of quality ingredients and artisanal expertise, perfect for indulgence or sharing sweetness. Elevate your moments with the goodness of our chocolates.


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