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We welcome volunteers! Your help will provide a rich and rewarding experience for both yourself and the people you’ll work with.

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Part 1: Name & Address

Part 2: Other Participants

Will anyone else be participating in the program with you?

Part 3: Driving Information

Do you have a valid driver's license?
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Part 4: Demographic Information

We are continuously trying to learn more about our volunteers, as this information will help us better plan our marketing strategies and ongoing volunteer training. It will also help us in planning suitable ‘activities keeping in mind the educational background, profession, interests, etc. of the participants. We would appreciate your cooperation in responding to the following questions:

Employment Status

As we know, Canadians are a diverse group, coming from many ethnic, racial, religious and linguistic backgrounds. As the Community Development Council Durham introduces newcomers to Canada and Canadians, it is important that our volunteers reflect this diversity. Answering the following questions will help us make sure that this happens.

Are you a Canadian Citizen?
Were you born in Canada
Were your parents immigrants?
Please specify where from

Part 5: Recruitment Type

How did you learn about Settlement Services?
What motivated you in becoming a Volunteer for the Settlement Services at the Social Development Council?

Where in Durham Region would you prefer to become involved in group activities?

Part 6: Volunteer Experience

Have you volunteered previously?
In addition to being involved in our program, would you be interested in volunteering for

Part 7: References

  1. Please get a Police check done and attach the Vulnerable Sector Police Clearance certificate (report)
  2. Please provide us with two references who ARE NOT family members:

Reference 1

Reference 2

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