Building strength in our community since 1970

Community Development Council Durham (CDCD) was established in 1970 as the Social Planning Council of Ajax-Pickering and in 2003 we changed our name to better reflect our growing mandate to serve all of the communities in Durham Region.

CDCD History Snapshot

In 1970 CDCD was established in a building on the property of Ajax-Pickering Hospital, under the name: “Social Planning Council of Ajax-Pickering” In 1974, the Council moved to its new centre at: 138 Commercial Avenue in Ajax

In 1983 a larger accommodation had to be sought at: 132A Commercial Avenue

In 1988, the name of the organization changed from “Social Planning Council” to “Social Development Council

In 1992, the Agency expanded and included: 134 Commercial Avenue building.

In 2003, the name of the Council was changed again to reflect the work that was being done across the Region and it became “Community Development Council Durham – now popularly known as CDCD”.

In 2007 the agency expanded to include: 138 Commercial Avenue.

In 2011, CDCD moved into its new premises at 458 Fairall St., as it was tasked to take the lead to establish the Welcome Centre Immigrant Services in Ajax to offer a one-stop service option for newcomers in the Durham community.

In 2019, as part of the Greater Toronto Refugee Resettlement and Regional Housing Strategy for asylum-seeking families, CDCD introduced Durham’s first Resettlement Assistance Program. The program helps refugee families with children become resettled and housed in the Region of Durham and surrounding communities.